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Monday, February 27, 2006

Not Sick!
Eh.. okay
House Update:

Is that a mood? Not sick? hehehe... ah well... I'm finally NOT sick again. Our oldest and I came down with the flu. Luckily no one else seemed affected by it. PHEW! We made out pretty good with it all I suppose but what a nasty flu. I did not really get sick as much as I was sooooooooo exhausted all the time and had horrible headaches. Very frusterating. Our oldest got sick a lot more then me. Poor thing. I did night duty a lot so that others could sleep and watch the bundle of energy that was not sick. HAHA

*!*!*!*House Update*!*!*!*

The siding is going up and there's drywall throughout the house!!! I've not been down to see it but it's exciting! Siding is suppose to be finished next week and I dunno what's happening inside the house now. I REALLY need to get those taxes done so we have the cash to move into our new house. That would totally stink if that held us up. I'd be setting a cooler up in the kitchen and we'd make camp fires in the backyard. HAHAHA Roast marhmellows in the fireplace. It could work, right? Okay... reality check... still... ergh

Off to set up a homeschool schedule. Had a sick week all last week. We were only going to do lots of review work anyway but now we really need to. I need to pull something together though because I did not have anything setup before I got sick.


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