Happy Days Are Here Again

Sunday, March 19, 2006

House Update:
Almost DONE!!

I love the movie "Yours, Mine and Ours"! It is HYSTERICAL! Just what I needed. We are watching it for the second time now. Hehehe... Way funnie...

The house is coming along fantastically! Totally exciting to see it almost done. Needs carpet, lighting, little more painting, cabinets, bathroom fixtures and US! HEHE I'm so happy to have it so close to being done! Now I feel like I'm sitting on pins and needles.

Our VACATION has arrived! I'll be packing things tomorrow. We aren't going far or for very long or anything... but it's going to FUN! It's a mandatory fun thing. Hehe... I also need to go shopping tomorrow. Can't go on a road trip without SNAX! Must have snax.


RadiantSky said...

Aw, I like that movie too. Hope your trip went (goes?) well!

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