The Cat Jumped Off the Loft

Monday, January 30, 2006

House Update:
Walls Going Up!

So it's finally happened. I have totally witnessed one of my crazy feline friends taking a dive off the loft. A mere 9 foot drop! As I watched helplessly and it seemed everything was in slow motion. I could not believe that it had actually happened. I think the kitties were playing and she just got to close to the edge? My cats really have no depth perception. I don't understand how you couldn't notice that the floor is missing and there's this drop-off. At any rate she landed rather gracefully, all things considering, and bolted for the stairs. Of course, after recovering from what happened myself, I soon followed her. She was all puffed up... and that's not an easy thing for a kitty who is already extremely puffy. Her eyes were just huge and she was breathing like mad. She would not let me close to her for awhile and she's still a little skittish now. She's walking fine though and well... staying away from the edge pretty good. What ever will I do with them. My other kitty has already ridden a box down the stairs and boy what a racket that was. Hissing... spitting... wump wump wump.... grrr-eowl!.... I think he even ran into the wall trying to come back up the stairs. I tell ya... no depth perception. And maybe they are missing something more? I dunno....

Laughing at all these stories has helped relieve my headache a bit. Laughter really is the best medicine.


RadiantSky said...

Hahaha, riding a box down the stairs? Jumping over the loft? What interesting kitties you have, lol. Although my own jump off of the top deck all the time. I would say that's about 6 feet. You should send some pics to I bet they would turn out funny.

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