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Monday, January 09, 2006

Not Well
Cloudy - Cold

Blogs are for rambling. That's all I ever seem to do with mine. So what should the topic of the day be? Hmmm...

I've found that I can waste a LOT of time perusing the internet and reading other people's blogs now. Way more time then I need to. It's like reading a book but it's all out of order or something. I still have no idea how so many people can write down soooo much personal stuff in such a public atmosphere and not even seem to bat an eye. I cringe every time I scroll through a teens blog because they just post pictures and names like it's nothing all over the place. Nothing really seems to be sacred anymore. It's a sad eerie sort of thing. I wonder if their parents know? Or what would they say or do if they found out? Okay... so let's back this up a bit. It may not be the content of the blog that's so frightening to me as the photos. The biggest issue of content that I've found in these blogs are the words. The use of so many 4 letter words that are just dripping with disrespect and disgust is heart-wrenching, immature sounding and it seems they have no regard for themselves.

I have come through several blogs that have been quite enlightening. I hope that the "photo-blogs" (artist posting their beautiful photography skills on landscape and abstract subjects) that I've gone through are not getting ripped off though because the artists behind the camera have some serious talent! I've not linked to all the blogs I check out on the side either. Just a select few.

Well.... mother-hood calls so I will end this post here.


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