I'm Taking the Plunge

Monday, January 09, 2006


Okay here goes... I've created and deleted several posts pertaining to this subject now... but this time I'm just gonna post it because it's TRUE!

I don't know why I get so bent outta shape and think everyone will run for cover at top speed if I start "getting on my soap-box". For some reason I think so and now I will use my blog to step out of my box (and up on my soap-box) and discuss it.

And I'm sure you are still reading this because you are wondering what big, terrible secret I'm going to spill. Ha Ha It's nothing terrible at all. I'm working on an area in my life that needs so desperately to be worked on. I never take the credit for myself but the LACK of placing credit where credit is due is where I am bad. See... My life would not be what it is today if it weren't for God. God is so good!!! It becomes more and more apparent to me each day and I need to tell others about that more!! This is what I'd like my blog to be more about. It's not too personal and yet it tells something about me. Something that I have a hard time talking about but have never had problems writing about.

My real, personal journal is actually written in the style of letters. Each letter is written to God. I've done that for years and it's really made me put my relationship with a Heavenly Father into perspective. At least, it helps me. When I write things seem so much more clear and I can see the problems I'm having and start realizing how to work through them. I'm quiet too and that totally helps me to hear what He may have to say to me about the issue at hand. In daily life I'm just too busy.

HUGE plunge there... for me... Gigantic change in direction for my blog too. Hehe... I like it though. Here's some ways that I can list that God has been so good for me:

-Meeting my husband. I never dated much. My Dad forgot me at Church! Ha Ha Great place to find my man. Well.. it was my cousin who took me home and then dragged me (literally) to an event where she introduced me to "the only person who she remembered his name". I shook his hand and it was as if a loud alarm went off in my head saying, "PAY ATTENTION!" I'm so glad I did. :) Funny thing was is later down the line we both realized that we should have known each other when I was like 10?! He dated a family member of my elementary school best-friend. We actually attended that friend of mine's wedding as an engaged couple and their jaws hit the floor. It was such fun!! Plus... hehe... while I had been dating the one boyfriend I'd ever had who came to church with me on occasion. (Which was all fine and dandy, but I never felt we connected.) I vividly remember sitting behind my now husband with his then significant other and thinking, "Wow... I want a guy like that." Hehe.. And now I've got him! HAHA I just saw how attentive he was to her and his response to the service and worship. I just loved it and now I love him.

-Our first house was so odd to fall in love with. First, we got lost in the addition looking for a different house (that we never found)... but saw our first house instead. Then we scheduled 2 showings but the first showing we could not get into the house. Which was totally crazy because we found out later the back door had been left unlocked?! When I walked into our first house I turned to hubbie and asked, "Where do I sign!" I did not even need to walk through the rest of it... we did... and jumped all the hoops... but it wasn't necessary. I just felt at home.

I'll write some more later... and some of you may be reading this and thinking, "That's a total coincidence. There's nothing to do with God there." All I can say is there's more then meets the eye and these "coincidences" happening at the time in the life that they did make them so much more then what they appear. Lost on that thought yet? It's truly amazing and it's my story. It's my blog. It's my writing and rambling.

YAY! I feel such relief!!!! Started out irritable and having my "shorts in a bunch" and now I am sooooo much more relaxed.

PS-Yes... for those of you who are visiting here to see about our new house stuff... there will be stuff about that soon. There's no news on when ground will be broke but it should be later this month or early February. Another YAY! I am very excited about all the possibilities this house holds for us. Scared of the bills and payments... but excited still. :)


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