Friends for Dinner

Tuesday, January 10, 2006

House Update:
No News

Ha! Ha! My children watch way too many Land Before Time.

At any rate, we had dinner with friends tonight and it was quite enjoyable. Very relaxing and nice. I cannot WAIT for the new house to start inviting people for dinner too. I've got plans for dinner parties and things now that I never could have accomodated before. It's so fun!! I hope I will actually carry them through. Hehe... That's the part I'm worried about.

We have decided to purchase twin beds for the kids rather then using cribs or bunk beds. The bunk bed was just too dangerous and our youngest is not the most coordinated.

BTW: This post is for those who may be wondering where I am going with my blog. It won't always be as deep as the last post. I just wanted to say all that. :)


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