Monday, January 16, 2006

Not Sure
House Update:
Foundation Setting

Yippe Yah-who

And since you cannot tell with text, I will let you know that the statement above was not said with enthusiasm.

For some reason I'm just so apathetic today or something. Only I got a ton of stuff done. I got groceries (Picked up some edible flowers for my hermie's! Hope they love it.), I hashed out 3 weeks of home schooling lesson plans, I made phone calls, I cleaned like crazy, played with my kiddos, etc etc etc. Hmm... and maybe having done all that is what is making me feel sooo tired. I dunno.

This post is all for the simple fact that our slab has most likely been poured today and is setting. We will have confirmation about it tomorrow. It might have all just been prepared to be put in tomorrow since today was a holiday.


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