Avoiding What I Should be Doing

Friday, December 23, 2005

I want to write something but even for my blog I have complete writers block!!! How pathetic is that? I'm suppose to be printing some stuff out to take with me in a bit for when I go meet with someone.... but here I sit, perusing blogs and totally ignoring the work I need to do. Again. Hehe...

We did not do school today (yet). I have lots of people telling me there is no need to since it's so close to Christmas and all but I'd still kinda like to. That's what is so nice about homeschool... and maybe not so nice? We do not have to plan vacations like everyone else nor do we need snow days. Teacher days come up everyone once and awhile. HAHA I don't think those other school delay things are missed though because we also do not sit in school as long as other children. It's one thing about school that I never liked... if it's sooooo pretty outside, why should I have to sit in a building with very few windows? Or when it was all cold or wet I would have prefered to cuddle up in a blanket, read a book and sip hot cocoa. Now our children won't need to miss those moments and they are still learning at such a rapid rate it's amazing! I am so proud of them. :)

Well lookie at that! I wrote about something! hehe... Now I spoze I've had a moment of fun and I should get some work done.


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