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Saturday, September 10, 2005

Moving is becoming an incrediably difficult process. I knew it would be difficult but this is ridiculous! I'm sick of packing. I'm tired of planning. I hate having to shift all our animals around to different people. I know I will love the new home and we will be able to use all the space (GARAGE!) very well... it's just... I'm so tired! I cry most every night now. My heartaches everytime I look around and think... "this is it! last time here." I get excited looking at the floorplans and wanna just scream from the rooftops saying "LOOKIE! Never thought I'd get this didn'tcha? Thank you God so much!"

And I really hate watching the news and realizing how much we have but it's "unrealized" yet and there's so many people without anything now.

There's another post I wanna publish about all that news and stuff too. Just have not gotten it edited the way I want... no good title (of course)... and I'm still thinking about it all too.

Too much thinking going on here. Anybody have any boxes? Huge garage sale happening at my parents later this month! Buy some junk... make it your own. Hehe... Most of it's being given to a refuge place that FMC donates to all the time. They will find good use for it all.


RadiantSky said...

Hope that moving is going well :)

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