Splitting the Fairness

Sunday, September 04, 2005

I’m glad that our Church is getting involved with Katrina relief efforts! http://www.fmcfw.org/ I’m hoping to get involved in some way… just not sure which way yet.

Our local military bases have also sent troops to assist in the efforts already too. Some people are mad that they were not sent sooner but I wish everyone could understand that it does take a little bit of time. Our National Guard’s men and women are not full-time active service. They have to perform certain duties and complete papers to travel (yes, even interstate). They also have work outside the military that they need time to deal with and also make sure all personal affairs are in order from Power of Attorney for their spouse’s to bills and mowing their lawn. They already put their lives on the line for our freedom’s and to help all mankind… I think time for them to get personal matter’s in order for them to be missing in action from their lives for 3 months or longer is the least that can be done.

I hope that all involved now with Katrina’s disaster will be relieved from some of the stress soon. I really wish the one’s only adding to the problems with shooting and violence… well… stop it is such a lame statement for those crimes but I do not want to say more about that to prevent myself from going off the deep end.

God Bless America


RadiantSky said...

Your blog is going really well! :)

JustMe said...

Not as good as yours though. Hehe... Love your random thoughts and all the comments.

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