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Monday, September 26, 2005

The "decorating" to our home is over and going to just begin all at the same time! Hehe... We picked out the siding color, brick color, cabinet staining, carpeting, vinyl, counter tops, etc etc etc What an interview! We actually completed all our decorating in around 1 1/2 hour too. That was just shocking. I thought it'd take forever.

Here's some of the best tips I can come up with when thinking up a home being built:

1. Start with the outside of the house and work your way in... seems easier to imagine the outside for me for some reason and then just tie it all together.

2. Go neutral on everything until you are actually living in it with all your stuff.

3. Definately keep colors neutral with the flooring and warm in coloring to keep things looking bigger and more inviting. Go darker with walls, borders, curtains, accents, etc later as you can better plan for them all.

Now some of the inside things I will be getting later are 2 large book shelves to hug the fireplace! Can't wait... A much bigger aquarium for my little buddies in the Crabitat. A new master bedroom suite set just because we've never had any matching furniture in our room before. :) Pegboard for the tools in the garage. Oh there's so much more that it would just be considerably boring to list it all here. :) Hehe...

I am just happy to be blesed with a home like this.


RadiantSky said...

Sounds like things are going great! :)

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