Monday, April 29, 2013

imagePesky thing… Yawning… The kids recently asked me, “why do I yawn after I see someone else yawn?” And you know what, I have not a clue why. I decided to do a bit of research. Do you know how hard it is to not yawn while researching yawning?

I found an article that mentioned yawning was a way to expel large amounts of carbon dioxide. Another article talked about it being a way to cool off the brain. Both of articles talked about no one having any idea what yawning was really for either. Sheesh…

I also noticed in an article (linked here) that yawning could be an emotional/subconscious response. In a nut shell the article was saying that yawning is a form of empathy. I guess it's been found in studies that autistic children do not "catch" a yawn like other people do because they do not have empathy.

Do you happen to know why we yawn? Why is it so contagious?

Yawnnnnn… It’s time for me to answer the call of my yawn and get some sleep.


Jessica Peterson said...

I remember reading that monkeys 'yawn' at each as a sign of aggression. The other monkey matches the yawn to match the threat. Although... this was a long time ago that I read this so I could be way off. It was a book on body language, maybe try looking something like that up. :)

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