X is a Wonderful Thing!

Saturday, April 27, 2013

imageI was trying to figure out what word started with X that I could write about today. I couldn’t. I have been thinking on it for awhile too. My little list of possibilities has been what has gotten me through the #AtoZChallenge! Well… X had me stumped. Until I noticed a trend on my list. Every time I got a post written up I would cross it off with nothing other than a X. Eureka!

A X is a wonderful thing! I can count how many projects I’ve completed with each X I see throughout the day. X makes me feel a bit more organized and accomplished.

(I wish my list was THIS short everyday! No real list was hurt in the production of this post. I made up pseudo lists especially for today.)

At times I end up making my stress relieving X with whatever I may have on hand. I cannot tell you how many times a crayon has bailed me out.

So enjoy the letter X! Embrace it even! Bring it into your home and change the way you feel everyday. I think I may be getting a little slap-happy with this A to Z Blog Post Challenge.

What would you write about with the letter X as your inspiration?

I think I was more excited about working on the photos for this post than the actual post. It was fun to dust off my camera. Even for something as simple as a list with a X on it.


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