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Friday, February 15, 2013

OffSiteHow many pictures do you have on your computer RIGHT NOW? What would happen if your entire computer fried. Like the hard-drive went ka-poof! What would be the first thing you would be upset about?

For me, it’s all the pictures. I am so crazy about my pictures I have them stored almost too many different times to really keep track of them. Here’s where my pictures are:

1. SD card in camera or “retired” (meaning it’s full but still has photos)
2. Computer (even my phone photos are backed up on the computer)
3. External hard drive
5. Online storage

As I have learned more I have found that leaving pictures on the SD card isn't the best route. Sooo... I am working on eliminating that. Use up the camera card, move pictures off and format the card to give it a clean start.

Computers are volatile. You never know when they will give out so I like the backup of an external hard drive. They are so inexpensive these days! You can get a whole terabyte for $80 or less sometimes! That's just nuts! But again, they can have corruption errors too. Another step of photo protection is a CD off site. I have a pile of CD's with out images on them all ordered neatly stored at my parents in a closet. I'd even recommend online storage for your photos. A lot of places offer free storage and great printing service too.

Where do you keep all of your images? In one place or more?


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