The UNShopping Trip

Friday, May 04, 2012

An evening of bad errands was not a fun way to end the day. By bad, I mean BAD. I was only supposed to be 15 - 20 min tops in the store. My list was sour cream and lettuce for our tacos and an attempt at finding a coupon from a tear pad that I really, really, really wanted.

My first mistake was using the restroom. UGH! How disgusting!! If I hadn't had to go so bad, I would have walked in and walked right out of this restroom. Broken locks, no purse hook, yuky seats that I cleaned with my own handy wipe (I'm SO glad I saved those restaurant alcohol wipes in my purse!) and a hand dryer that didn't work. The only good thing about that restroom was leaving it.


Second mistake was looking for the coupon FIRST. Duh! This blew my mind on my list. Yes, a two item list and looking for a coupon totally made me forget why I came to the store in the first place....

Oh look, a coupon! Now what was I saying?

Hehe... Just kidding! This time... Sometimes (I'm such a ditz) this would be reality!

So after I remember what my list was while in the back of the store, I decided to get the lettuce that was in the front of the store and a head of broccoli because that's needed with tacos too right? Ah well... we've been wanting broccoli for awhile now. And once I was at the front of the store I remembered that I needed sour cream which was in the back of the store. (See a problem here?! This is a pretty big store too!) ERGH! Then after locating the sour cream and headed to the check outs at the front of the store I come across an awesome clearance rack of cereal! Yes... CEREAL! How was I supposed to pass that up? So now I feel pretty smug that I remembered to bring in my coupon box (that I wouldn't have needed for lettuce or sour cream in the first place) and start digging for a coupon that I knew I had for this cereal. Where was it? Hmmm... I couldn't find it so I picked up two boxes of cereal because they were a favorite treat to have and I don't usually get them because they are so expensive.

Are you still reading this?! Wow! Thanks!!

The mistake that hurt my heart the most was not trusting my memory in what I have in coupons. See, I can't remember a two item grocery list, but I can remember what coupons I have. I can't remember where items are located in the store to plan a route, but I can remember what I have in my box of over 200+ coupons. I had a coupon for the boxes of cereal! It was $1.50 off of 3 and it was in my wallet. ARGH! Remember that I only picked up two? Can I throw myself against a wall now? This coupon would have made 3 boxes of cereal less than $1.20 each, which isn't a great bargain because I used to get cereal for less than $.99 each but now-a-days that just doesn't happen.


My final mistake was my checkout lane. I had problems at the self check-out that I chose (shocking!) because by now I knew I'd been in that store for a crazy 40 minutes and I needed to get out. Pronto! I thought the self-checkout would be faster. But guess what... the clearance cereal would not scan correctly. (Hold me back!) I was about to loose it. 

Long story short:
Awful bathroom trip, forgotten list, bad store route planning, lack of coupon usage on items not on my list in the first place and items not on my list not scanning properly = What was I thinking?!

I think I need help. Would a therapist even listen to me with this story? I think they'd be laughing me out of their office by the time I reached the cereal boxes.

OH and in case you care to know, I never did find that coupon in the store either. This is how NOT to shop, okay. Glad you learned something here. Moving on....

Have a great day!


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