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Friday, March 16, 2012


Wait, that's not a FEW words is it? Okay... well... ERGH ERGH ERGH

How's that?

Sigh.. I know... I'm an absent blogger. It happens all the time, doesn't it? I suppose I should just warn everyone off then that it does here. I've always thought that in order to blog well you have to live life. So now I've just taken to living life and not blogging. Haha! Not as much fun as living life and blogging, but it's what is happening. And really though, living life has not been all peaches and roses either.

I have lots of draft posts coming up to post about Granola, Cupcake making, Candy making... hmm... I'm noticing a food trend here, aren't you? OH I have some gardening drafts ready and I am working on my Advance Coupon Class for posting too. I need to get some funny kid stories drafted here too. Those are the most important to remember, aren't they?

Really what has kept me so busy is the fact that I have thrown myself into our homeschool schedule. THROWN! We are homeschooling like never before. It's really neat and very tiring. I'm looking at joining a Co-Op and since I quit my job we've done a lot of field trips. Oh yah... you didn't know that bit of info did you? I quit my job. I wrote an awesome post about balancing homeschool, life and all that with a job and then I couldn't stand the heat. Sigh...

Another thing keeping me busy is our second little love bug. I have no words to describe. I've been through Febrile Seizures. We are hoping that our little one with the Complex Febrile Seizures has outgrown it and moved on to bigger things... like... reading! But Cyclic Vomiting Syndrome, blood draw after blood draw, ultra sounds, MRI's and other disgusting medical labs that I just don't like to discuss have my head spinning. If I sit around to focus on it too much, I get in a funk. So keeping busy is my answer and boy have I been keeping busy. So busy in fact that there's no time to blog. Funny thing is, I'm not feeling guilty about it anymore. I do have some great stories and posts to get up here someday, but the guilt of not blogging is refreshingly gone.

So... without further ado, I will get back to my not blogging stint... er... get back to trying to blog again. Hehe... I like recording things on my blog for me to remember and it does help me vent. I feel a bit more grounded and able to focus on the positive with each blog post. Am I weird that way? I dunno... but blogging isn't a bad thing.

Take care everyone!
Hope you all have a great St Patrick's Day!


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