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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Currently I work part-time, my job is incredibly flexible and my Husband is an awesome cook! (I think this is a requirement for any working mom!) I give all the Kudos in the world to mom's who work. KUDO'S! Wow… it’s TOUGH! I had a hard time balancing everything before. Now I laugh at the word balance. Whoever made that word up never intended it to be applied to a mom before. It just does NOT happen!

See, I fully recognized my loss of balance when my home office started looking like this:

Actually, this happened because I got tired of standing on my head to find a pen in my desk draw. I was “organizing” it. Yah… that got me REAL far too.

So how do you hang on to your wits while working? I have some tips!
  • First up, I meal plan. That is a HUGE help. I have to layout a meal plan that works for the schedule of the week. Sports practice that night? Hubby needs to get more sleep and make dinner? Will I be home for prepping or after the witching-hour of everything needing done? All these things I keep in mind. Crockpot meals happen a LOT on the days I work.
  • I also try scheduling chores (similar to the FlyLady technique). Granted, this doesn’t ALWAYS work out as well as hoped, but on the days I know I am home all day I can add more to the chores (for everyone). Then on the busy day when I have barely enough time to brush my teeth, I can just work on little things. Monday around here is laundry day. It’s about the only day I can really dedicate a lot of time to this chore.
  • If you homeschool, I work out a schedule that fits to what is happening for the day there too. For example, Monday is history and science day because we can. Wednesday may include some home economics. Thursday is testing day and Friday is usually laid back because my parents are helping on that day. (I LOVE having more than just me willing to work with the kids for school. I will be the first to admit I am spoiled!)
  • It is so hard to keep all of the little daily things in mind and keep your eye on the big picture too. My Hubby gets very frustrated with my lack of planning for things farther out then a day or week. We have a schedule now, so I follow that. Each week is repeated. So when a Holiday comes around, I’m always late on preparing for it because I was so busy with the day-to-day tasks. I am working on a bigger calendar idea to keep things more reinforced for big events throughout the year. It’s still a work in progress though.
It’s all about balance and I have none. Zip! I am not even coordinated enough to walk across a flat surface without stumbling. Oh wait, wrong balance. Umm…

Just remember this one thing and all the balance issues fade away:

Your family is the most important.
All those little things can wait while you snuggle your
baby and hug on your toddler.
It’s hard to remember, but it’s sooooo true!
Or maybe all mom’s need a pair of THESE:


I found these in my desk when I made that big mess above. Where have these been hiding?! We all need these, right? Hehehehe…

Be sure to have some fun today!!! That helps your balance!


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