We Still Have Mantis Guests!

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

MantisEdited1A few weeks ago (yah yah yah… I’m WAY behind on my blog posts…) we were getting ready to eat lunch and I just happened to glance out the back window. I saw a visitor! Didn’t make it up to our porch, but had landed on our trampoline and was stalking a bee! (Of all things!)

Isn’t this such a cute visitor?! Hehehe… Okay… maybe not. I’ve so appreciated them in my garden though. Remember when it all started? We found mantis cocoons in the garden and brought them in for hatching. I am STILL thankful that I thought to get the glass lid on them. We would have been attacked by tiny mantis! Ugh… We also caught glimpses of our little “garden eyes” as they grew up too. It was fun to try and spot them when we went to harvest some tomatoes or basil.

This mantis was probably about 6 inches long and almost as curious about me with my camera as I was about clicking photos. Let’s just say I don’t recommend hanging on to the side of a trampoline while holding a camera and looking up… at this….

Creepy little buggers!!! Why do they have to LOOK at you like that?! WHY?! (shudder)

After the grand photo shoot I ushered this friend back to the garden (they fly weird) but in my helpfulness it flew AT ME and I gave the neighbors a nice show which included a few blood curdling screams.

The kids thought it was funny at least…


OH and we are still harvesting a lot of veggies from our garden. Mostly tomatoes right now, but the peppers are coming on strong. Will need to make some salsa! Ymmmmmm!!



Lisa @ My Omaha Garden said...

Your friend is cute. Should introduce him to my spiderette. Ha! They are helpful, though.

Melinda said...

Blood curdling screams?! I so understand! Glad it was you and not me! Almost wish you got that on video though! ;)

Anna ~ Random Handprints said...

that's some mantis! also some tomato crop - am jealous my garden was all fail this year. oh well, there's always next year...

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