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Monday, September 12, 2011

BlogEditedI did not succumb to the 9/11 memorial shows until late in the day on Sunday. My Husband and I decided to include our children in viewing many of the episodes. We explained to them where we were, what was going on and how old they were. They will only remember these days from us more than the experience of it all themselves. I am thankful for this and yet it hurts just a bit.

What will I always remember from September 11, 2001?

Where I was, of course. I was snuggling a little one in bed when I heard a friend of ours over the radio say something about a plane hitting the World Trade center.

The horror of watching the plane hit the second tower, the people jumping from the towers, wondering what was happening in our world as the news shifted from towers to pentagon to Pennsylvania and finally watching the towers fall.

Turning off the TV.

The patriotism that followed that day! Oh how quickly so many forget that…

How the day changed my personal life forever due to my Husband’s decision of major career change. I fully stand by him on this change too. I understand it and appreciate it. It just changed… a lot.

More than all of this though, what do I WANT to remember?

I want to remember how important life is. How little I am. I want to savor all of my children and time I have with my Husband. I want to breath every morning and realize what a wonderful world God created and how much He loves it. I want to hold on to the beauty of the moment when my child hugs me. Every sticky kiss. Every I love you. All the goodbyes. I want to remember it all and grow with it.

I will remember…. it will be hard some days. I will loose my patience but I will remember.


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