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Saturday, July 09, 2011

Kids take EVERYTHING literally! And I am not saying that lightly. Sweet Pea is the most literal child of them all. Or maybe it’s just the phase we are in right now? Either way… there is no sarcasm or jokes with this child. It’s black and white or nothing and totally serious! The biggest problem is that the black and white rules are entirely up to Sweet Pea. Nothing I say can convince otherwise. This can be quite frustrating.

Like the other day, little innocent Sweet Pea was on the stairs doing who knows what that ended up with pitiful screams. Of course, none of us were in a very pitying mood. As Hubby descends the stairs he says, “What is going on? Stop screaming!” In a stern, don’t mess with me voice. Sweet Pea doesn’t read between the lines to see that we are all quite busy and a tantrum throwing child on the stairs is low on our list. Instead, suddenly calm as a cucumber Sweet Pea responds, “I’m not screaming. I’m Yeh-lling.” (Be sure to drag out that yeh as long as you can with a little southern lilt to it.)

I thought my poor Hubby was going to fall down the stairs laughing!

We never did find out what the screa… I mean… Yelling was all about on the stairs. Hubby’s reaction pretty much broke it and the tension of the day up and we all continued on without a problem.


darlin said...

LOL that's cute!

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