Not Your Honey

Monday, July 04, 2011

imageKids say the darnedest things and it’s either the perfect moment, or it’s the absolute wrong moment. Hehe… I don’t know how they come up with this stuff so quickly either!

We had just finished an enjoyable family breakfast at a local restaurant. These family breakfasts are no easy thing! It’s me, my Hubby, four kids and both sets of our parents. Sometime little cousins are in tow too. The biggest challenge is waiting for a table (or several) to clear to seat us all. Not to mention we tend to take on these events on Sunday right after church when everyone else has the same idea.

At any rate, we were packing up all the diaper bags, purses, bibs, babies, bottles, small children, toys, Sippy cups, jackets, hats, shoes… oh yah… packing up the shoes that were tossed by the babies while eating. It’s always a production, isn’t it? And headed out of the restaurant. When we passed our nice waitress on the way out, she called to my Sweet Pea in tow, “Have a good day, honey!” To which my loving Sweet Pea responded while pointing at me, “I’m not your honey, I’m her honey!”

Oh my… Heheeh… Thanks for making that clear, Sweet Pea! I’m very glad you are my honey.

What funnies have your kiddos said lately?


darlin said...

This is priceless! Kids say the darnedest things and are so adorable.

Jennifer-Eighty MPH Mom said...

ROFL that is too funny! I'll bet she was surprised to hear that answer :)

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