Packing up My Life

Friday, July 29, 2011

Just for a week… It seems CRAZY though! Tomorrow I am off to work at my oldest kiddos summer camp for the week. My knee has been pulling a lovely stunt of not working while I am desperately trying to pack. Insanity!

I was talking to my mom about how I was freaking out and how much needs packed and she said, “It shouldn’t be that crazy. You don’t need to pack THAT much. It’ll only be one week.”

I gave her that look. You know the one, right? That look that says… lady, you don’t know the half of it? Yah, that look. And politely responded, “Yah, it’s only a week for me. Punk needs two weeks of stuff packed and I am still packing for ALL the other kids to come up here with you too.”

See, Punk will be at camp for two weeks, I will be there the first week and my mom is coming out to work the second week (getting a job at camp reduces camp cost a LOT!). While I am at camp though all THREE of my other kids and our two large dogs have to be at my parents. Dear Hubbie will be all alone with the cat. HAHAHAHA He’s not really happy about this either. Hehe… And before everyone jumps to the conclusion, “oh look, another MAN that can’t handle his own kids for a week while the wife is away.” It’s not like that. He has a looney work schedule and we only have one vehicle, which I will have with me. See? Crazy… He can’t haul 3 kids around on the back of his motorcycle, can he? (Grrrr… Don’t you DARE answer yes to that one and give him encouragement either.)

So here I sit… typing away while I should be packing something, but my knee needed a break. Seriously… I need to break it off and get a new one.

I am going to go eat lunch (that I should mention, Hubbie made) and get back to packing. Typo as I can later!


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