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Friday, January 28, 2011

Mom's don't get sick days. Right? Well, someone needs to inform the viruses going around that Mom's are not supposed to get sick at all than. I am finally recovered but this last cold, illness, flu, whatever I had was a dooozie! I learned something that I'd like to apply more though.

One whole day for no voice is not easy for anyone. Especially a stay home mom! How do you tell the kids to not play in the toilet? Ahem... How do you even get their attention? And dogs! OH the BARKING! I had a whole day this week with no voice. Zip. Notta. I was barely a whisper. In house of four kids and four dogs I need to be more commanding! (Yes, the military is coming out in me. I am the drill sergeant of our home. Or... okay, maybe not really. Hehe...)

At any rate, it turned out that my voiceless day (I was a true Wordless Wednesday!) wasn't so bad after all. I was not yelling! All. Day. And guess what? My kids RESPONDED! My kids responded faster to my whisper than they do when I holler up the stairs for them to get moving. My kids came when I clapped (Ok, that was kind of weird. I don't like to call them like I would a dog or anything, but really didn't have a choice.) faster than when I called their own name! I was honestly stunned at their attentiveness to what needed to happen in the house and to me throughout the day.

Do you know what this tells me? I need to whisper on days I have a voice!

Take care!


Sarah said...

Oh yes, me too! xxx

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