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Monday, January 17, 2011

I thought I'd post a little update on how my monthly planning is going. I'm rather pleased with the success of it all! We have missed a few meals here and there, but instead of just writing them off I have shifted them to different days already. Even if we might make new plans and miss a meal, I am so glad to have a plan for meals right now. It's been REALLY helpful. I also have noticed that everyone in the family gets curious a lot earlier about the plans we have for dinner! This helps me to remember too!! Love that!

3. Beef and Noodles
4. Meat Loaf
Must remember to plan better for sides! What do you serve with your meat loaf? We were OUT of potatoes. I think Alfredo Noodles and Broccoli would be nice sides. Maybe some sliced peaches with cool whip or yogurt for dessert?
5. Veggie Soup (Crockpot)
This was a HUGE hit! We actually transported it all to my parents house for the evening. Worked perfectly! She just whipped up some bread and we were set! Will work on typing this recipe up soon. My Hubbie is so awesome! (This is HIS "specialty" recipe.)
6. Chicken Alfredo
Missed this meal! Will work it in later or next month.
7. Leftovers
8. Pizza
9. Every Little Chipmunk for Themselves!
10. Shepherd’s Pie
Moved things around here... was going to have Chicken Twist... got hungry for this instead. Hehe...
11. Turkey Taco Pockets
I found some taco shells hiding in the pantry that desperately needed used up so this got switched from pockets to just tacos. Works just fine for me. I like to use ground turkey every now and again in our diet plus whenever I use ground turkey, the meal takes a turn for the lighter. I like not feeling like I ate a brick or the freedom to eat more than just one taco. Hehehe...
12. Mac n Cheese
13. Mac n Cheese Pot Roast
For Mac n Cheese, what sides do you use? I was raised enjoying sausage, applesauce and broccoli sometimes. Any other suggestions? I love sausage and applesauce with it. You should try it! Can't beat it really. Ymmm…
14. Leftovers Moved in the missed Pot Roast here
15. Breakfast
16. Every Little Chipmunk for Themselves!

I already see where I need to make adjustments to next week! ARGH! Hehe… Ah well… at least I have a place to START.

M 17. Chicken Twist
T 18. Potato Ham Bake
W 19. Baked Chicken Beef Stroganoff
Need something QUICKER for this busy day plus we just had baked chicken at my parents. Don’t want a repeat so soon.
R 20. Fajita’s (I am going -to try this in our new George Foreman grill!!!)
I REALLY have to remember to make a German Chocolate cake this day too. It’s Hubbie’s favorite and it’s his birthday. HEHE!
What to do WHAT TO DO! Hubbie is scheduled for a movie night now. I messed up and suggested that without thinking ahead. Now I know why he was hesitant! Silly me… can’t keep track of the days. Really need to pull it together on that. Will move this dinner to Friday instead I guess. SIGH
F 21. Leftovers Fajita’s?
S 22. Beef Stroganoff Fajita’s?
Su 23. Every Little Chipmunk for Themselves!
M 24. Tilapia
T 25. Chinese!
W 26. Breakfast
R 27. Spaghetti and Cheese Stuffed Meatballs
F 28. Leftovers
S 29. I am going to let the kids plan this day and see what they come up with and make. This will give me time to gather any needed ingredients too.
Su 30. Every Little Chipmunk for Themselves!
M 31. Chicken Tortellini Toss

I am LOVING the monthly meal plan. This helps me keep on track for the whole month. I don't mind adjusting things around either. My biggest issue is finding the best way to keep track of it all to make adjustments. What do you use to track your meal plan?

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Your Frugal Friend, Niki said...

Cheese stuffed meatballs sound divine, though I suspect my diet would suffer terribly if I ate them!

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