Homeschooling 2 Hour Delay

Monday, December 06, 2010

We had a FUN day today! Instead of school at our “usual” time (do we really have a usual time? Hmm…) I asked Hubbie if we could pretty please all ditch life for a little time and go to the movies for the first time in like EVER! I dubbed this little outing our image2 hour delay for homeschooling. Heheh! We used up all the money I received from selling our changing table to go, but it was really awesome to see a 3D movie for the first time! I am so glad the kids worked with me on Sunday to finish up chores we usually do on Monday.

I did not share with the kiddos what we were doing. Instead we just all packed up and headed out for a special treat. I am REALLY surprised that ALL (except the baby, we left baby with my parents) our kids sat still totally enthralled with the movie. Wanna know what we watched? Tangled! It has a little bit for everyone! Romance, comedy, adventure/fighting (sigh) and more! I was impressed! Not totally thrilled with a few of the ideas, but that comes with EVERY movie these days. Just like I can’t make everyone happy, neither can the movies. Hehe…

It was a GREAT day though and I’d make the same choice tomorrow if we could. It really is a different experience to watch a movie on the “big screen”! And 3D movies are very awesome! The lantern scene had all our kids sitting forward on the edge of their seats and a few of them reached out to see if they could really touch something! That was cool.

I do have to say that I might have missed a bit more of the movie than most because I kept glancing down at kiddos to see their reactions. Hehe… That was worth more to me than the movie anyway.

Have you ever had a two hour delay in homeschooling like this? Or at least made one like this? Hehe…

PS-I am OFF my crutches and moving around as usual again too! SO HAPPY to be back to normal. That was a long week!


Taderdoodles (Lisa B) said...

We've had a lot of delays lately. Usually triggered by the two year old or the baby...rarely just for fun. What a great treat though! We've never taken time out for something as fun as a movie :)

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