Giving Appreciation

Friday, December 24, 2010

I’m working a bit harder this year at my giving and it’s not all from the pocketbook either.

I became suspicious of what my Hubbie has gotten for me for Christmas earlier and to say the least, it’s extravagant! (I don’t know for sure what it is yet…. ) I keep wavering back and forth with being angry with him for purchasing something so crazy and elation of receiving it which in turns leads me to treat him like a king!

What on EARTH is wrong with me!? I realized through all of this that I have a very warped sense of appreciation. It’s quiet humiliating to admit even. I should not treat Hubbie like a king JUST because he’s getting me something and I really shouldn’t get so angry because he’s trying to show me appreciation in a gift. I need to find an even ground!

I hope to hang on to this even after the holidays are over. I found myself enjoying the appreciation I showered on my Hubbie during the times that I was excited about the gift anyway! And I intend to hold on to that feeling.  Yes a wonderful gift would be nice but my Hubbie works hard for ME every single-stinking day for an entire year. (Trust me… his job is not all that fun either…) Shouldn’t I shower him with appreciation just for that alone? He’s not once EVER asked me to get a job to help with bills. He does not yell at me for a sloppy house. He HELPS me with the house AND works a full time job. Yes, there’s times I wonder what clock Hubbie is reading because he has disappeared for 3 hours for a 30 min job. Heheh… I do that on occasion too when I am out shopping though. I think, “I can squeeze in just one more stop…” Or something of that nature. Yes, I wonder why he has to GO to his parents house to chat with them instead of picking up the phone. I’d like to do that more often with my parents but tend not to due to being rushed. His sense of connecting with family was one reason I fell in love with him in the first place! I need to relax…

In a nut shell, I am applying a Golden Rule: I should treat my wonderful man like the wonderful man he is because of who he is, not because of what he is going to give me. It’s just too easy to miss this after having been married for awhile (12 years! Can you imagine? Wow…). I can’t let our relationship suffer like this.

I’m going to make cookies this week. His FAVORITE cookies. Even though I am tired, worn out and just want to crash. I want to see his appreciation for those cookies that I made out of appreciation for him. Crazy huh?

I hope you ALL have a very Merry Christmas!!! I can’t wait to catch up with everyone again… hopefully before the New Year.

Take Care!


My Three Sons said...

Merry Christmas! I can't wait to hear what you got!!

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