Does RV Cooking Measure Up?

Monday, July 12, 2010

MeasuringCupThis is our second week home from our vacation and I must say… I think the vacation taught me how to cook again? Or maybe I am just enjoying cooking in my full sized kitchen again!

I mean, when camping there are certain amenities that one gives up or get forgotten. I try to make a list to be sure I am NOT forgetting something dreadfully important and knew that we weren’t leaving civilization entirely so I could purchase what was left behind. I tried…

Did you know that 2oz is equal to 1/4 Cup? Well… you quickly find that out when cooking in an RV with no measuring cups. I am glad I brought my nursing equipment! It’s sole purpose was to measure our ingredients for cooking. Whoops!

You can check out more fun from our travels by clicking here. But now onto the meals for the week in my awesome big kitchen! Hehe…

Now my meal ideas might change because my garden has blessed us with lots of produce and I need to use it all up.

One thing the garden has produced in abundance is Eight Ball Squash/Zucchini so I need to find some yummie recipes! How about some: Eight Ball Zucchini Parmesan

Fajita’s! I already precooked and seasoned the meat when I made Chicken Enchilada’s last week.

Ravioli or Lasagna… have not decided yet.


Breakfast! Hubbie got "pancaked out” while on vacation so last week we had biscuits and gravy. I hope I can work in pancakes again this week. I really love ‘em! :)

Orange Chicken (maybe) or salad
Not sure just yet.

Shepherd’s Pie or leftovers

Check out MORE great Meal Plan ideas at: I'm an Organizing Junkie -


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