Garden Update – May 2010

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

May 2010 Garden1
May 2010 Garden2
May 2010 Garden3
May 2010 Garden4
May 2010 Garden
Ahhh… Growth! Need anything be said? I love my garden!!!!

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Larry said...

Beautiful garden Dee! We have raised beds too. Love them!

Cathi said...

A lovely garden indeed!
Happy WW!!

Christine Holroyd said...

I so wish our vegie patches were as orderly. My partner loves the wild look and I prefer things just a wee bit more organised.

Isn't it wonderful walking into the garden to collect food for dinner? It tastes so much better than bought food.

Jenny said...

Bet things have changed a lot since May! Sure you'll add more pics when you get time. Looking forward to seeing how your "jungle" is growing!
Jenny Jehle

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