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Saturday, May 29, 2010

I just redid my blog design again. What do you think? I thought it used to look a bit drab.... I wanted something bright and a bit more spring like. I do feel like this might look like someone else's blog out there, but I've looked and cannot find it. Let me know the link if you see one though and I'll switcharoo mine up again. :)

It used to look like this:
I am going to start setting up prices and things to help others change the way their blogs look soon too. Would you be interested in my help?


Kathryn said...

"Heehehehe... I bought that book with our first one and tried so hard. None of my babies fit in the mold of scheduled/timed feedings... BUT the idea of getting baby setup for correct day and night sleeping is very smart. I am a combo of baby demand and parent demand feedings. :)"

Yeah I think every baby is different. I will see how it goes, I know it does not work for everyone though. Thanks for the comment! :) Cute blog, love the new one!

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