What Happened?!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

This is how a perfectly "normal" day can just go off the deep end.

I was preparing lunch... okay, I was preparing to prepare lunch. I was finishing up feeding Baby and discussing with the other kiddos what they would like to eat. We reached a verdict, I put Baby in my (home made) baby sling and headed to the kitchen to make Pigs in a Blanket. I was interrupted by a scream from my oldest in the bathroom. I head that way to see what bug might be on the floor or something only to find that way not the case.

Punk was not looking well and immediately informed me, "tummy hurt. BAD." Okay, I run through a battery of questions to get a better feel of the situation. We don't make it very far before Punk is covering their mouth to hold something back. I grab the trash can, go lay Baby down and head back to the bathroom. A few moments later Punk is vomiting clear fluids. (Have I mentioned that Punk is my oldest? Strong as an ox! Never gets sick...) A few moments later Punk is sweating and steaming hot. I run get Hubbie up, grab a cool wash rag and a thermometer. Back with Punk who is now pale as a ghost I take a temp and it reads 97... that can't be right. Punk is always over 98 and Punk is SWEATING.

I move Punk to a chair in the living room. Vomiting has stopped but still looking pale, very delayed responding and seems a bit shaky. I tell Hubbie the temp I got and he grabs a different thermometer, takes the temp and it read 96??? What the heck!? I take a temp again and confirm 96 with my thermometer. We are confused. Punk is obviously shivering and very cool to the touch. I check feet and hands both are VERY cold. After some more confusion from us we take some more temp readings and make some phone calls. When we reach 94 I tell Hubbie, get dressed and take her to the ER I don't know what is going on! I order another kiddo to grab me some clothes for Punk (who I have bundled in blankets) and get bowls of cereal for them-self and Sweet Pea.

At the Hospital they check for Appendicitis (I can't believe I can spell that!), took some blood tests, took a urine test and give Punk some Saline and Anti-Nausea meds. I hear back from all at the Hospital that Punk responded immediately to the Anti-Nausea and is looking well! (Still cold but temp went up!) I really don't know if this is my child or not anymore because apparently the needles did not upset Punk ONE BIT! (I freak at any needles.) All tests came back normal too! They suspect that it was a weird viral thingie?!?! We are to check back with our Doctor again in a few days. Punk is on a clear fluid diet for 12 hrs too.

What on earth would you have done!? I feel like an over-reactive Momma right now but with a temperature DROPPING? This has been a very weird and exhausting afternoon.


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