My HTC Ozone = My Right Hand

Thursday, March 18, 2010

I am totally in LOVE with my new cell phone. It's not really that new anymore but I've not had it for too long yet either. And to think, I argued a bit with Hubbie about getting these awesome little phones! Sigh... What was I thinking?! Now that I have it though, I cannot imagine not having it and all it's really nifty little features.

What's my favorite things about this phone?
  • MoTweets
    I can TWEET from my PHONE! And trust me... I do. Twitter seems to be what gets me through the long nights of baby feedings. :) I can keep up with searches, mark my favorites to read check out links later, easily check out TwitPic links, follow MORE people if I want to and everything else that I get to do with the only Twitter webpage. Yes, I can cruise the internet on my phone too, but the Twitter webpage isn't as intuitive as MoTweets.

    MoTweets can be used on touch screen and non-touch screen phones. My HTC Ozone is Windows Mobile OS but I think MoTweets works on other operating systems too.

    There's a FREE version that loads advertisements (one of which I am really not thrilled with seeing on there at all... so be careful because you can accidentally click those ads!) Or you can break the bank and purchase it for $3.99!
  • Solitaire!
    Now, granted, with the HTC Ozone being a non-touch screen phone this game is a bit tricky to play.... but I love solitaire! Even if I never ever win. :) It's a nice option to pass the time.
  • Google Reader
    The Mobile Reader is a fantastic way for me to keep up on my Blog Subscriptions! I can save posts for later or star them as my favorites even. Very nice... once again... to pass the time in the middle of the night while feeding baby. :)
  • Mobile Blogging
    I can read 'em and I can type mine up too! This is nice for when I get a sudden idea for a post but no paper around to write it down! EEP! I can grab my phone, type up a bit of the post and save the draft for later. Now... I just need to get more inspiration for posts. Sigh...
  • Email
    This is so cool! I even have it setup so that emails from my phone are called: Emailed from Dee's Phone! Hehe... cheesy, I know. But I like it. :)
  • Tetris
    Or should I say Kevtris... or whatever it's called. I scoured the internet for free Tetris, PacMan and other phone apps because they are ones that my Hubbie loves. I find the tetris one very addicting. :)
  • Mp3
    Love my music and love that it can go anywhere with me. I seriously need to get a larger SD card in my phone to hold more music. I mean, being limited to a mere 100 songs is just too constricting.
Oh and so much more! Do you have a favorite app on your cell phone you use ALL the time?? Are you in love with your cell phone too? Hehe...

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PS-I was not asked to post any of these reviews. I just love all these goodies and my phone. :)


Sherry said...

Oh, suh-weet! Love your phone!

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