I'm Done!

Tuesday, March 09, 2010

I think. Maybe. Not sure. How do you decide something like this?

I think I am done but it's so hard to decide. What if later I change my mind?

I think we are done having little babies. Maybe.

I am really enjoying the idea of older kiddos. I love all my kids and I love all the stages we have gone through with them it's just really fascinating to watch these little ones grow up. I'm just loving the freedom of having older kids who don't rely on me for everything. Granted, I miss it some too. What a catch22 I have myself in now!

I am also enjoying our current itty-bitty one. Yet I am getting VERY worn out with this little one and trying to keep up with all the other older ones too.

How did you make this decision?
Or have you even made this decision yet?

Maybe it's not the time for me to make this decision. It's like the heat of the moment or impulse buying. I dunno if there would ever BE a good time to try and decide whether or not to have more children.


The Household 6 Diva said...

I feel the same way! Ambivalent!

On one hand I am feel tired, overwhelmed, and
"Baby I love you - but I CAN NOT GET PREGNANT!"

And then on the other - my babygirl is wearing size 9 months!! NOOOooooo.....

Overall, our family planning has a lot to do with the Army... I know I can handle these three if Seth deploys again... but adding another one would mean I would need to move home with my Mom.

We have decided to table the issue - maybe in 3 years if the war in sandbox slows down... It'd be great to have a peace time baby where hubs is home from conception to the first birthday! (which still hasn't happened!)

Dalia (Generation X Mom) said...

I don't have an answer for you, just can tell my story. In my mid-20's I had my first two kids. They are very close in age and I had a blast with them. I was able to stay home from work and enjoy my time with them. I didn't plan on having any more. Five years later the urge got to me (my youngest had just started kindergarten). I never imagined I would do it again, but did. Six years later my third was born. A third child really changed the whole dynamics of the family. It had the most effect on my second. Our house is pretty much chaos now, way more than it ever was with two kids. We are so used to it now that we know nothing else, but at first it was difficult. I think everyone has their own situation and whatever direction it goes, we all learn to work it out. Good luck in your decision.

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