Dare We go Out?

Monday, March 08, 2010

I'm afraid that I have terrified one of my kiddos of St Patties day now. I am not even sure how it came up in conversation at all. Some how it all did and just the other night I hear this:

"Hey Mommy... On that green day can we stay home?"

"Sweetie, what day are you talking about?" (Give me a break here... I'm sleep deprived! Hehe...)

"That pinching day."

"Oh! St Patties Day? Why do you want to stay home?"

"I don't want anyone pinching me! What if it's a grownup pinching me. It will HURT!"

(As I stifle my snickering)

"No worries about it honey. All you have to do is wear something green and no one will pinch you."

"I don't have a lot of green!"

"We will find you something. It will be fine."

I think I will have to take this one shopping for a completely green outfit just to ease the jitters. Note to self: Middle child still takes everything VERY literally.

How are your little ones responding to the upcoming 'pinch day'?

PS-I was going to save all of my "kid humor" posts for Saturdays, but I am getting back logged. I also wanted some posts not about baby... a least every now and again. :)


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