Things I Love Thursday: My Husband!

Thursday, February 11, 2010

It's Valentine's Weekend and so I want to focus on:
My Husband!

It's hard for me NOT to think of reasons why I love my Hubbie.... I'll try to be brief. :)

Why I love my Hubbie... because he is my best friend!

...because he knows how to cook and isn't afraid to try something new in the kitchen.

...because without him there would be no little ones surrounding us.

...because he is our protector, provider and yet is always there to help me out; even if it's just putting on my socks in the morning! :)

...because he makes me smile.

...because without him, there would be no us.

And soooo much more. :)

PS-If you have not noticed, yes I took down my Why I Love theme... This Blog Carnival from The Diaper Diaries is already in place and I don't want to "steal" a theme. it's just as easy to go with this one. :)


Olivia said...

Great post! I love my hubby too. Yeah for Valentines Day to give us a reason to think on that love and express it even more! Happy TILT!

Anonymous said...

AWWWW! Very sweet.

thediaperdiaries said...

Thanks for joining in. I absolutely love the last one.

"...because without him, there would be no us."

That is exactly how I feel about my hubby.

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