Why Didn't I go to the Hospital?

Monday, February 15, 2010

I am typing this up on Sunday night, at my parents again and with only my phone. How did Sunday get so crazy and carried away again? How is it that I am getting so much labor that stalls out? When will we have this baby?!?

The day started out hopeful. Strong contractions. Well timed contractions. LOTS of contractions! So what was the hold up? And why didn't we go in to the hospital?

I wish I knew why this baby doesn't want to come now when she is surely ready to take on the world. I hope all this "false labor" isn't hurting her somehow too! I don't know what more to think with this issue.

As for why we did not go in to the hospital, well that I can answer. It seems Sunday is our lucky "false labor" day. Last week we went in real early. Found out I was only 1cm and after 3 hours the contractions went away. Being checked for that 1cm was no easy thing that I ever want to repeat. This baby is so low... well, I am not going into the gory details. I will leave it at I was in more pain when they were done than when it all started. And to add insult to injury the whole week following that I was in intermittent labor pains. So I was hoping my Doc appointment on Thursday would be good news! Nope. I had not even progressed a cm!

So why should I go in to the hospital when I am still probably only 1cm? Ergh... maybe I am not. My odds seem to lean towards that though. Not to mention I am so much more comfortable laboring at home than in a hospital bed.

I guess we will see what this week holds. I really hope she comes before Tuesday. Tuesday is taking Hubbie 3 hours away and I can just see that as the day she decides to come. Sigh...

I am going to be working on a gardening series to be posted over the next week or so now. Love gardening! Will be a nice distraction from baby for me too. :)


Sarah said...

Hey Dee...hope she comes soon for you both! Look forward to hearing of your little ones arrival! Enjoy your gardening. xxx

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