Free Snowman Printable Mad Lib

Friday, February 14, 2014

We are trying to break up the monotony of our winter school hours with something a bit different. The kids all worked together to come up with a snowman story. After we all edited it a bit, they went back through and found all the parts of speech they could. (My oldest student and I had to help with the story editing to make sure we could get a good variety of parts of speech.) Then I took the story to the computer and put it together as a Mad Lib. Wooowho! They've had fun and learned things! We hope you enjoy this little Mad Lib game as much as we do!

Next time I will have my older students transfer it to the computer instead of me doing all that work. This has been a fun project! I am not the best at grammar/parts of speech so I hope it is okay. Parts of the story are funny to us because of who added the sentence but I hope it makes sense for everyone else too.


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