Lost Focus

Tuesday, November 05, 2013

Well hello! I bet you didn't think you would see me here now did you? I didn't think I would see me here either. But here I am! I am amongst the living. If you want to keep up with me more, I suggest you follow my twitter account. Tweets are easy. I am going to be removing the facebook account for this blog soon though. I am just not a facebook fan for many reasons and I am so ready to move on.

Where am I moving to? Ahhh... well... for those who really want to know I am stepping away from the blog world. Not entirely. Not that I was ever "in" the blog world. Hehehee...

Blogging is hard to give up. Once you start it, it's in your blood. I will pop over here every now and again but over the past few months I began to realize what my struggle has been with blogging. Blogging isn't easy and the stand I have made with being as anonymous as possible with blogging only makes it more difficult. It was difficult to find time to blog and to figure out topics to blog. Since I have stepped back I have a LOT more free time. Amazing... what is this free time?

Any way... I should never have been blogging for the reasons I was in the first place. I was using blogging as a place to vent. I was writing for you and I was (mostly) writing for me. Neither of those are really good reasons in my book for what I have been writing. (Not that anything I have written has been monumental or anything...) I was writing to be known. I was writing to fit in.

Guess what I found out....

I AM known! I HAVE a place!

God knows me! I have missed this point. Drastically missed it....

I have now gone back to journalling and it's all between me and God. It is freeing! It is moving.... It is moving me in directions I never expected.

So I will continue to write every now and again. Nothing crazy... nothing exceptional either. Nobody may even be reading this now and I am totally okay with that. (Pst! The numbers don't matter! Stop checking your stats!!!) Hehehee... I do want to cover a few topics though and if I ever get the time, I will. For now... my time is precious and I am holding it close to my family.

Take care!
Have a great week!!

Hmm... I think I need to make a new label: Why I DON'T Blog.... ah well...


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