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Monday, June 03, 2013

Welp... it's official! I am not really a daily blogging kind of person. Life is just in my way. I want to be a daily blogger! I find it fun, relaxing and interesting! I've been reading more about blogging even. I am just not sure how much further it can all fit in my life though.

See life is kind of crazy. Lot's of work and little play. It's okay though! I know why my husband and I are working so hard. There are 2 huge goals we are working towards. Paying off debt and a so totally awesome vacation that I am so excited about!!! This is a big thing for us! We can't afford things like this on a regular bases. Yearly we struggle just to get to a camp ground or something. I want our kids to have a chance for more travel. Travel is fun! I just know that we can't.... Except this year we are taking the plunge. I am praying that it doesn't all fall to pieces in front of us though.

At any rate... I am so thankful we are all finally healthy again. The weather in the area has been fluctuating a lot and I think it just lead to us getting sick. It seems like everyone had a bit of something different. It's nice to have the energy to get done what I set out to do each day. It is a bummer that I am so far behind right now, but the kids are working hard with me and we are getting caught up again. They have been so awesome through all of this! I feel like time is slipping past so quickly. They have grown up so much this year.

Before I become a big sentimental puddle, I'm going to call it a night. I hope to blog again another day but I just let you know now that this blogging is on the back-burner for me. As well as photography, reading and almost all other things that I find a lot of fun. I am working at keeping our coupons straight and the sewing machine humming. I need to have a bit of something fun to do.

Take care!


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