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Thursday, April 18, 2013

imageI have more Internet accounts than you can shake a stick at. Are you familiar with this? I blog, tweet, facebook, email (times 5), I coupon, MyPoints, Swagbucks and more. How in the world does one person keep track of all of these passwords PLUS I keep track of some of my kids passwords and some of my clients. EEP! Password overload!

IMAG0825I used to keep a journal book that I could just write on the next page. There was no order. Did you get that? 500 million passwords, site addresses and user names in no specific order. I  hated it when my brain would not recall the password I needed. Usually added another 10 min to any project I was working on. ARGH! Just thinking about it makes me want to stop what I am doing and work on something else. (That's usually what I did too!)
I do not like keeping passwords on my computer, phone, browsers, etc. I've seen how people can be hacked. It's NOT pretty. Your underwear drawer is safer than your computer. Well.. at least mine is safer. No, I don't keep my computer passwords there, it was just a statement.
At any rate! I picked up this little beauty of a book called "The Personal Internet Address & Password Log Book" and I am a happy camper! You can get it from Amazon! Mailed to you! Can you remember your Amazon password?

(bangs head on desk)

All my sites, user names (most in code because I can remember a code... wait... can't I?!) and passwords in alphabetical order and I keep it handy for when I need it. I try not to take it out of the house with me. After you take off the front cover of the journal it's a very unassuming little book though. My kids still can't figure out what they are looking at... "You need me to bring you what? I don't see any red book (insert exact location). Where do I look again?" Nevermind... I'll just get it myself... First I tell the kid who is hunting to stay put though and then I walk in to pick it up from right in front of them.
See... no one would ever find it! I have proof. Leave it in plain sight.

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Andrew Brown said...

Hi Dee, I wish someone would come up with a fool-proof way of keeping and remembering passwords. I'm with you - it drives me mad!

Kim@Co-Pilot Mom said...

That is a great idea! Passwords for all the various online sites can be so overwhelming - what a great tool to keep everything organized. And hiding in plain sight? It happens around here, too. :)

Susan said...

This sounds like a really helpful product. Going to check it out ... thank you!

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