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Saturday, April 13, 2013

imageL is for Library! I love that my kids are so into reading now. It took some of them awhile but now I cannot get them to stop reading. The hard part for them is waiting. Waiting to get to the library again for the next book in their series. Well, I'm trying to be the good mom and I try to get their next books put on hold for them so they will be ready when they are done. I love that our library lets us put books on hold and will get them all ready for checkout at any library we choose. Makes me feel more like a super hero mom!

The hardest part about the whole process is figuring out WHAT the next book is in a series. Our library system is awesome but they do not list books in series or post books in order of their series on their website. (insert silent scream) I have one kid reading at least five different series! I can't even keep up with my own passwords, let alone my kids series of books.

LibrarySeriesWell, I found a gem! I contacted the library and gave them my whole sob story of how I couldn't figure out the next book in this series and needed help. (I need a lot of help! This is just an area that someone could actually help me.) It sounded more like a therapy letter. My letter got forwarded around a bit but someone finally had an answer. I think I should be more embarrassed because of how many people read my letter but it just goes to show that maybe I'm not the only one with this problem.

The gem is ANOTHER library's online catalog that actually figured out how to post a series of books: Take a look at Juvenile Series and Sequels Database.

(insert flashes of light and singing angels)

This library catalog allows you to search by series! You can either look over an expansive list of books or type in the series that you are hunting through. I love that it even gives you a picture of the books too! (Visual person here...)

They have it figured out! If this is your library, can you go and hug the web-master for me? Just tell them the crazy lady on the internet I told you to. I think they will understand. You might want to make sure of any security cameras in the vicinity and locate all your exits first.
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Nana Prah said...

I used to work in a library in high school. It was one of my most favorite jobs ever. It's fantastic that your children like to read. Great post.

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