J is for Juggling

Thursday, April 11, 2013

I am juggling too much right now. I may just burn myself out before the end of the month, but I am trying really hard not to drop anything that I have started. Have you ever heard of a flexible juggler before? Well… I am not incredibly flexible (in body or mind at times) and I am struggling a bit on how to make this all work. Flexible juggling… Never really thought of it that way before either but it makes sense.

All mom’s are flexible jugglers. We juggle our kids schedule compared to ours and our spouse. We meal plan while cleaning or fixing a boo-boo. We research an illness while making said meal we planned just a few minutes before. All of this is to be done with ease? Nope! I know that I cannot even do all of this on my own. Just like I am relying on God’s math for our income I am not working on relying on God’s juggling skills. Folks, I am just not this good. Several times today I just wanted to loose it. I had to reprioritize and bite my tongue a few times.

I just pray that I can keep this up! I will HAVE to find a few moments to my own in the next few days to just unwind and relax or I know that I won’t be able to continue my current juggling act. After all, isn’t juggling just that? An act? Most of them are. Although I have to say I can be quite entertaining to everyone with my crazy antics.

Whoops! I need to get going! Looks like the pizza dough is ready and I only have 45 min to finish baking pizza, getting us all dressed (mostly done but I laid a little down for a nap that is notorious for removing articles of clothing), hiding anything from the dogs that they may destroy and get us to our next destination! Ack… At least I have the bit of shopping that I want to do written down and planned out. Off to juggle some pizza dough in the air! (Ha! That would not end well…. dinner for the dogs maybe…)

PS- I am not reading over this again. Sorry for any grammatical and spelling errors. :)

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