Forget It....

Saturday, April 06, 2013

I have been trying really hard to come up with a post for the A to Z Challenge that uses the letter F. At home I was doing really well at getting posts rounded up, scheduled and ready to go. I had intended to do something on Feedly Tips. Alas, planning for the homeschool conference (I am in attendance of right now) took precedence. So while I was here I thought I would try to do something cute about FOOTAGE and take pictures of my feet during various activities of a conference. Sketchy internet, headaches, lack of sleep... nope. That is not working either.

Forget it... I have WAY too much for be working on. All you get is this tiny little paragraph.

This homeschool conference is AWESOME!

This is Letter F for my #atozchallenge
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Harvest Moon by Hand said...

Enjoy the conference! The homeschool conference in Minnesota is coming up in about a week and a half. I think I'll probably have the same attitude about the A-Z Challenge while I'm at it as you do today. ;)

Andy Brown said...

Well, you DID manage to blog after all. I'll admit, I've struggled a bit after the first blogging week of A to Z. But as they say... One day at a time! Glad the conference is going well.

Donna Sexton said...

Love it, but I hope you keep up with the challenge. Some days get busy and some letters are just irritating. I'm going to have to use your technique of explaining why I didn't blog about other letters one of these days! Glad that the conference is awesome, so many are anything but.
Donna at Donna's New Day

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