Cinco de Mayo Notebook

Friday, April 27, 2012

We are getting better at lapbooks or notebooks (depending on the project and kid accomplishing it all). I have found that unit studies along with our regular boring studies reading, writing and arithmetic are a nice relief! Plus the do learn and retain information easier with lapbook/notebooks. 

We tend to do more notebooks then anything else these days. Basically I find some nice worksheets that pertain to a holiday and staple them into a file folder. The kids can decorate the front of their folder as they'd like to.

Make a fun tissue paper flower!
Not only did we use this with our “fiesta” (throwing them at those who dance, etc…) we use them as a bouquet for Mother’s day.

History of Cinco de Mayo
I found this to be an informative page. I printed it out in book format and stapled it together.

Little donkey word search
Just something fun for the kids to work on after reading a brief history of Cinco de Mayo. Depending on the age of the kiddo I like to use these to work on the words as vocabulary and spelling too!

Cinco de Mayo coloring pages
There are several pages to pick from for little kids and a bit older.

Coloring page flag, country, etc
I was looking all over for a page like this with the flag AND country all in one spot. So handy!

Variety of worksheets
Some of these I didn't care for, but I did print out a few for my crew. You might find something here too.


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