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Thursday, February 16, 2012

I have seen in the twitter streams that Picnik, a favorite online photo editor, will be moving/closing very soon. It looks like this was a really neat service too! Personally, I never got into using it much because I like to be mobile with all my blogging, editing, photo, software tools. Meaning, I might not always have an internet connection but want to work on something. All my stuff needs to be loaded on my computer so that I can work whenever and wherever I would like.

So, are you finding yourself in need of a handy little photo editing tool? Maybe something that doesn't cost too much? Yes, it's something that would need to be installed on your computer but it's REALLY handy, fast and pretty small for all that it can do. It's called PhotoScape! And it's FREE!
You can download it here:


Be warned! The download does try to install Google Chrome. I am not a fan of that so just look for the checkbox and uncheck it to not install the Google Chrome add on.

Enjoy editing your photos again!

Oh and no, I am not affiliated with them. I am not getting anything for this post. I just really like this little software package and wanted to share it with you.


darlin said...

Thanks for the suggestion, I might check it out, I've used Picnik more for the collages that they have, as well as a bit of editing. I hope to learn photoshop one day, but one thing at a time for now.


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