Thanksgiving Aftermath

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

The first holiday in this busy season is over and has left me sort of feeling down. It was a ton of fun hanging out with family without any real responsibilities but I had to come back to reality and that’s always hard. My dear Hubbie was the man and made the entire Thanksgiving feast himself this year too. Apple pie and all! I was the one shuttling kids around and running last minute errands. We then took all the food, kids and dogs to my parents for the day. It was SO nice to have extra hands to help with all the kids!!! I was truly spoiled!

After our feast my Hubbie called up his best friend and off they went to attack Black Friday. I think this is becoming a tradition for them, which isn’t a problem for me except Hubbie tends to spend more than I do when shopping. EEP! The bills are still creeping in and I am sure I have not seen all he bought. Apparently *I* even bought him some Christmas presents early that I didn’t know about. GRRRR! Bad Bad Bad Hubbie! On the other hand, his free spirit in spending has us some nice new additions to the house that I would not have bought being the frugal-stick-in-the-mud I am. Like this nice new bed set I sit upon right now with my knee propped up on pillows. Ahh… that’s nice… Wait, what? Yes, I did say I have my knee propped up on pillows. OH, I’ve not gotten there yet. Hang on… At any rate, Christmas shall be festive this year! The kids will LOVE it! Can’t wait until the living room gets resettled so we can put up the tree. That leads me to my current dilemma.

I was helping the kiddos with their chores yesterday because I just felt like getting a jump on the day. While in their bathroom cleaning up though I felt an all too familiar twinge in my right knee. Normally I feel the twinge, gasp, sit and all is well. Not so this time! I blew my right knee out of under me this time. I cannot and will not admit defeat with crutches! I just can’t bring myself to it. Well, at least I couldn’t yesterday. I believe I will be using them today though. This is NOT what I need right now in the throes of painting, homeschooling, running kids to their activities, making anything to eat, etc! Mom’s should never be on crutches. I mean I can finally see my toes again after being pregnant! I don’t want them lined up with crutches! ARGH! It is feeling better today, but I might have to take one more day of rest to recoup entirely. Not something in MY plans though. Sigh…

How was your Thanksgiving? Did you go shopping on Black Friday?

Take care!


Dawn said...

Aw I'm sorry to hear about your knee! What awful timing! And... your HUSBAND hits Black Friday? WOW! I was out with my daughter at 4am but my husband wouldn't dream of it. Well a couple years ago he did meet me at one store but that was 9am or something. The girls and I always go shopping that day because usually I get 90% of it DONE that day and don't have to think about it again. This year, not so much, but we did okay. Stay off that knee until it heals!

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