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Saturday, October 23, 2010

I’d like to introduce my BFF! And yes, I sound like such a teen there don’t I? (insert girlish giggles here than) Really though, my Best Bud has provided a small snippet guest post for me. Her name is Susan and you can visit her @SuzyQOle on Twitter.

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Do I give my children Medicine??

     That is always the big question.  Are they sick enough to go to the doctor and take medicine?  I don't by over the counter cold medicine for me, my husband or my kids.  Just something I have never done.  I feel like it is a waste of my money.  A cold will run it's course. Fevers are another one that I do what I can until I have to get medicine.  Fevers are not always bad.  It means your body is working properly to fight some bug.   I do vaccinate the necessary ones.  Flu and H1N1, not for me or my girls.  My son is a different story.  He has some health issues that I need to be watchful of.  If a cold, sinus drainage, or allergies act up too much for him off to medicate to stop it from getting out of control.  Usually that medication for him is from the doctor.  He is on medication to help prevent asthma and I feel bad everyday that I have to give him so much.  But it helps him breathe and stay relatively healthy.  He is also on allergy meds to help prevent them from getting out of control.  If not then the asthma acts up and more medication is given.  If medicine prevents something worse then I give it. 

     My girls don't have the same issue so I treat their medical needs differently.  I give them the medication to fight and infection (antibiotics) or at bedtime to help them rest. If the flu is bad and they need help to stop heaving then call the doc and get help.  It doesn't pay to have your child dehydrated and miserable.  I guess unless the illness requires a DR.  Then I use it sparingly for comfort measures. 

     In my past of moving from state to state I have learned that in some towns for whatever reason we were more pron to illness.  We were at the doctor every other week for awhile with everything from ear infections and strep throat to pneumonia.  It was a crazy fall/winter season.  We had to resort to allergy testing to find out why we were never getting better.  Finally the sickness cleared and we are healthy and everyone is healthy.

     So do I give my children medicine?  Yes.  If they seriously need it I will.  Usually nothing from over the counter except Tylenol or Ibuprofen for pain or fevers. Then only meds from the Doctor that is need to fight something or prevent if it is absolutely necessary.

NOTICE: Always talk to your doctor about any medicines and medical conditions you may have.


Anonymous said...

I started out my parenting journey with the philosophy of not medicating unless it was severe. Then my son got RSV at 2mths old, and our lives changed. From then on we had to medicate every little sniffle, every fever, neb treatments with every cold.

As he aged we realized he wasn't an average child, and he was eventually diagnosed with autism. For this reason he is very sensitive to fevers, he has multiple allergies, inappropriate pain responses, and sensory problems.

I look back at my attitude in my pregnancy and first months as a mom and realize how judgmental and wrong I was. Every kid is different, and medicine isn't a huge evil. Not every kid needs the same treatments, but some kids can also not get by without the help of medication. I am always thankful for my son coming into my life and showing me that parenting is not a one size fits all gig.

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