Tuck in the Table

Thursday, April 01, 2010

Last week while shopping I splurged! I saw something with all the Spring color you could want and just had to have all that color in our house. My little Sweet Pea looked at my new purchase with a twist I never considered....

"You got blankie on table?"

"No, there's no blanket on the table." (I had to think a moment if I left some laundry on the table.)

This answer did not satisfy and I was prodded again, "there IS a blankie on table."

"Oh wait! Yes! I put a table cloth on the table."

The other great benefit of a table cloth on a soft wood table (what genius thought to make a table out of pine!?) is that it protects the table from scuffs. I love that!! I will need to get some more pretty, vinyl table clothes for the rest of the year.

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Teaching Money to Kids said...

I seriously love our vinyl table cloth. I used to think they were tacky, and then I had boys. And let me tell you how much easier they are to clean up. And no more worries about real wood, and water spills.
I need to keep my eyes out for a spring one

Jen @ Little Bit This n That said...

So funny! We have a very wide oblong table and it is hard to find tablecloths sometimes. I really need to get more!

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