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Thursday, April 08, 2010

I am in LOVE with my new printer! I still love my old printer (it's over 9 years old now) too but our new printer is the BOMB! It's a wireless printer so I just leave it on and I can print anytime I want. So if someone mentions a hot new coupon I don't MISS it because I can print it!! I can print from my bed, couch, kitchen, stairway, etc. (Okay... so I don't really cruise the internet on the stairs, but it's possible. Hehe...)

My new printer is an Epson NX515. I love Epson (my 9+ yr old printer is an Epson 880) in general but this printer is exceeding my expectations! I researched it before I purchased it and found that it will take refurbished ink cartridges. (Note to self: order some today!) It also does copies and scanning, which I have missed. Every now and again scanning something is necessary.

So, what do I print next? I think it's so cool to hit print and hear it printing from across the house that I just want to PRINT something! Hehe...

Feel free to see what others might be in love with this week on The Diaper Diaries and "The Things I Love" carnival.

PS-I am not in cahoots with Epson at all. This post is entirely my opinion of my own free will. If Epson would like me to be in cahoots with them, feel free to contact me at... hehe... Seriously though, Epson... Call me! :)


Debbie said...

Okay, so you just sold me on the kind of printer I want to get next. Mine still works fine, but I'm always on my laptop upstairs and have to save or email a printable to my desktop where the printer is. It's amazing how often I want to print something when I'm not actually at the computer... =) Technology can be SO MUCH FUN!
(Visiting from TILT)

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