Be the Baby Again

Tuesday, April 06, 2010

A few nights back I had a fun conversation with my children while they sat around the dinner table. We were discussing babies. (Of course... What else do we discuss in this home? Hehe...) Then we were discussing our babies futures. Saving for college was beyond them but we explained a bit of what it meant. Than I just decided that they wouldn't be going to college and the conversation went something like this:

"Well, we won't worry about this too much seeing as you won't be going to college anyway."

Punk came up with the brilliant response: "Why? Are you going to lock us up somewhere?"

"Of course not! We aren't mean. We just won't let you grow up anymore."

I didn't get any smart-aleck remarks with this, just curious stares so I kept going.

"As a matter of fact, you will all go back to being babies again like Littlest One."

At this point, Daddy chimes in to help out, "Yah! We will make you wear diapers! These little ones out here."

Lots of freaking out from children with shrieks of, "Ewww!" "No way!" "We won't fit in those!"

So for shock value I thought I'd push it a little bit more... Hehe... "You'll all be my babies again and I'll even have to feed ya."

Silence reigned for a moment with this statement but not for long enough. I got a VERY surprising response from a middle child: "Yum!"

Okay... the conversation ended real quick because well... we were laughing so hard and that was just weird! Hehehe...


zookeeperjess said...

YUM! LOL hilarious!!!

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