Sending the Man to the Store....

Tuesday, February 09, 2010

My dear Hubbie has made HUGE efforts in picking up the slack that this modified bed rest has left in our household. He has been making dinners, tucking little ones in for nap/bedtime, household chores and shopping! He's always loved cooking, but he's happier when I meal plan. He's really enjoying the whole bed tucking in time with the kiddos (not that he didn't before). The household chores are well... still there. HAHA He's great with laundry and keeping the kitchen organized. The rest of the house needs some help! (I think this may be why my nesting has kicked in?) I don't expect him to do it all. He never expected me to do it all either. Only one person can do so much.

The shopping is what's throwing a wrench in it all. He's found that he likes the high from a deal that works, but I think he gets more mad when it doesn't work than I ever did! Hehe... My Hubbie is all about finding a deal and he's usually VERY good at finding deals. His deals just aren't always the deals I am looking at. :) My deals take more strategy, time and coupon clipping.

Just last week I was working out a list and printing coupons. Sometimes I like to hijack his computer to prints extra coupons or I send him an email with links and he just clicks 'em and print 'em. Well, I was already on my computer so I opted to give directions on how to find them while I was still working. I ended up with two computers in front of me and one frustrated Hubbie. Sigh... My bad! What did I learn from this? Send him the link in the email because that's easier for him! :) OH and don't wait for the last minute to print those coupons.

So does your Hubbie shop with coupons with you? What does he think of doing a deal?

Let me know and I'll pass word on to my sweet Hubbie that he's not alone in his endeavors of saving. :)


Mari said...

That would be the day. Ha. I purposely leave my man home, so I don't spend so much. *giggle*

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